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We are proud to announce our efforts in developing training programs regarding the amazing tool (the NFP app) to chart the biological markers (previously referred to as a woman’s biological signs).  The app is an amazing tool to chart and encourage couples to learn how to read their biological markers.  The app is doing the work of interpretation of your body’s markers for you, and do so most accurately.  You still have to learn how to read these body markers (now called  biomarkers).  The Natural Family Planning Center of Dallas will now be referring to them as your body’s biomarkers.

We strongly suggest, for accuracy, that a couple receives training prior to using an app to help you with accurate use of the app. Our Center is available to you if you are using one of the three evidenced based apps listed below:
Family of the Americas

You have to be knowledgeable and follow the rules of the app you have chosen to identify your fertile window based on your own observation (body markers).  We will help you learn what you are seeing and how to put it in your app.  We strongly suggest for accuracy that a couple receives training prior to using the app.

We have counseling trainers to help you see, as a couple, your body’s markers. The NFP teachers work as a team with you to enter data in your chosen app system. The NFP Center teaches an understanding of what you are seeing in your body’s markers (the woman’s signs).


For Training in the Family of the Americas App System (an evidenced based App System)

For Family of the Americas training with Mercedes Wilson, Judith Leonard, Luis Osegera, Martha Osegera and other certified teachers in The NFP Center, training will be held on February 28th from 6-9pm in English and Spanish.


All training is at:
Catholic Fertility Counseling Centers
St. Monica Church
Walnut Hill and Midway Road Dallas, TX


For Billings, and Sympto-thermal, all evidenced based App Systems, training will be in February, dates to be announced.
Family of the Americas training will also be repeated in February 2017, dates to announced.
CPLC will have the dates, times and place and language on their website.
To attend any of our monthly teacher training with the App Systems, reply to:

Ana Rojas
Assistant Director


Bette Hoag
NFP Director

214 912 8533(or)

Training will also be repeated in March and April, dates to be announced.
For more information please call 214.559.6050


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